Fairy Table Decoration Idea

Fairy Table Decoration Idea

My daughter made a captured fairy under a goblet with glitter in it. I thought this would be a great idea for a fairy party table place setting. At every table setting do this under the goblet.


Fairy Birthday Party Kit

Fairy Birthday Party Kit

Do you know a little girl who is having a summer birthday? I made a fairy party kit. It includes original games that I made, an original,” Welcome To Pixie Hollow Sign”, Fairy Invitations that are printable so you can make as many as you need, it also includes 8 already printed out invites. It includes tons of decorations: butterfly banner, fairy wall stickers, purple plush owl, and a pennant banner. It includes 12 fairy plates, a set of fairy wings, a butterfly, 6 butterfly nets, cute fairy fabric that can be used however you wish and labels for the kids to wear as name tags with their fairy names that they choose. It is all packaged in a purple petal shaped flower pot. This party kit is one of a kind and cannot be reproduced the same. I also include a page of party ideas. I am selling this kit at a local store called Madlyns in Waterville, ME If you would like a custom themed party kit please contact me.


DYI Easter Egg Flower Teacher Gift Idea


My daughter made this craft for a gift for her teacher for Easter. She took a fake flower and added a plastic egg on top and included candy in the egg. This would also be a great proposal idea at Easter time if you just added a ring in the egg.


Candy Fair Mixed Media Art

I had fun painting with my daughter one rainy afternoon. I was inspired by one of her drawings of a fair with rides and had to give it my own spin. I used acrylic paint, scrapbook embellishments, pom poms, sequins, stickers and I even added  real candy.

Fair Mixed Media Painting

Fair Mixed Media Painting

My Easter Table Decorations









My little decorating touch on my kids table on Easter morning.

Muddy Cars Activity For Kids

Muddy Cars Activity For Kids

I made my son fake mud from mixing brown washable paint and a tablespoon of water. He had so much fun driving his toys cars through it.


Boy Airplane Valentine Photo

Boy Airplane Valentine Photo

I took this photo of my son.


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