Surprise chore envelopes

Are you having a hard time getting your kids to step up to the plate and do their share of the chores. I have a great incentive to solve that problem and make it fun for them. Take an envelope and write a chore on the outside then fill it with a surprise, money, candy, toy, or gift card and then seal it. The kids picks a chore they want to do and have to do it before they can open the envelope. My kids love this. It really works for them.IMG_2636 (2)

Easter Egg Flower Jewelry Surprise Gift

I made these egg flowers. The eggs come with a piece of jewelry inside, Perfect gift idea for a girl, teacher or a proposal on Easter.

Tractor and Trailer Easter Basket

I turned this cute little fisher price tractor and trailer into an Easter Basket.IMG_3622 (2)

Tween Spa Easter Basket.

I made this Easter basket for my 11 yr. old daughter. It includes a 2 day spa pass, jewelry, perfume, candy, essential oils, and a flower.IMG_3630 (2)

I made this cute little cat bag that would be a perfect bag to put a gift in or just give to a little girl. The cat is glued onto the bag but the skittles and bubblegum machine can come off. I am selling this for $12IMG_3665

Panda Gift Bag

I made this cute little panda bag that comes with a bubblegum machine. It would be a perfect gift bag for a little girl, All you have to do is add a gift. It would also make a cute bag for a girl too. I am selling it for $12IMG_3659

Doll Backpack

I made this dolly back pack. I took a back pack and added a plush doll to it by hot-gluing it. For Sale $15IMG_3657

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