Unique Party Serving Platters/ DYI Cake Stands






I made creative platters to serve food at your next party or event. The first platter has a ceramic teddy bear on top of a platter and then has another tier made from a silver serving tray. This would be cute to serve food in at a baby shower tea party. It is very classical. Just add sandwiches, snacks and cupcakes to the platters and serve. Hand wash only. These are one of a kind. The second platter is a musical carousel. It plays music. Just add cupcakes or snacks. If your interested in these platters or have more questions please email me. I can also do custom themes if you have one in mind. email: acreativeplayhouse@yahoo.com

IMG_0272 IMG_0270

Upcycled Dragon Lunch Box.

IMG_0238 IMG_0244I upcycled a lunch box by cutting a stuffed dragon in half and gluing it to the lunch bag. This is for sale.

Upcycled Girls Shirts

I upcycled shirts from the thrift store and made these cute shirts for little girls. The first picture has a doll sewed on the outfit and has to be hand washed. The second shirt has a pouch to put their favorite stuffed animal. The 3rd. photo is a Halloween shirt I made. These are for sale now. If you are interested please contact me.

IMG_0260 IMG_0262 IMG_0280

Gift Basket Idea

I made this gift basket to give to a professional friend as a going away present.IMG_0099

Fashion Design Birthday Cake

 I have been planning themed parties for my kids ever since their first birthday so now that they are older they take the reins a lot. My daughter decorated her own cake for her fashion design 10th birthday party. We made a 2 layer round cake and she iced it. She put an Eiffel tower on top along with a New York City embellishment and candles. She put the cake on a cake table and decorated it. She put a tutu around the cake on the table and added some fashion themed decorations around it.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0005 IMG_0010

Cool DYI Stuffed Animal Back Packs

IMG_0225 FIMG_0229 F


IMG_0224 IMG_0223 IMG_0219For Back to School season this year I made altered back packs. I bought back packs and added plush animals and embellishments on them.

Wrestling Ring Gift Wrap Idea

IMG_0204    Since my nephew had a sports birthday party, I decided to wrap his gift like a wrestling ring. I wrapped a flat box in orange paper and put rubber bands on the outside of the box to look like a ring. Then I added plastic bowling pins on each corner and added two wrestling men on top. I wrote on the package, “This rounds for you Landon”,.

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