Polar Bear Winter Party

Polar Bear Winter Party


igloo guest sign in sheet
Winter theme

Food: Tuna fish sandwich shaped like a fish wrapped in netting, fish crackers,& trail mix, put in
lunch bag shaped like a fish.


JumpThe Ice Flo – This is how Polar Bears travel. The kids jump on irregular shaped ice floes on the floor
and when it is time to stop, if their is a sticker on the bottom of their ice flo that they are standing on they
win a prize.

Snow Scene- split the group up into even teams of 3 or more and give each team a paper plate and
can of shaving cream. Give them 2 min. to make a winter wonderland on their plate only using the
shaving cream. Award prizes for the coolest.  Then add toy Polar Bears to the scenes for the kids to play with.

Long String – prior to the party make paper fish and hang them on different length strings. Hang the strings
from the ceiling. Whoever gets the longest string wins.

Ice Cube Scoop- put ice cubes in the tub and have the kids scoop them out with their bare hands.

Seals- freeze small seal figurines in ice cubes and let the older kids dig the seals out with a knife.

Igloo Playhouse

Fishing Game-

Bobbing for in Ice Water-

Bear Sound- have a contest to see who can make the best Polar Bear sound

Paper Bear- kids tear a piece of paper behind their back into the shape of a Polar Bear.

Polar Bear Similarities- kids vote for themes and award prizes,
person with the biggest brown eyes
the person with the whitest skin
the warmest
love shrimp and lobster

Bear Cave Playhouse

Bear Play Doh Crafts

We Are Going on a Bear Hunt Story Reenactment

Fish On A String Game- tie a fish stick to a string and hang the string . 3 strings hanging at one time.
3 people race to eat the fishstick off the string blindfolded.

Bear Rock- make a bear from  round rocks blindfolded

Tell guests you want money instead of gifts to feed the Polar Bears


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