Dog Sled Race Obstacle Course

Since my son loves to be outdoors, I wanted to plan events outside that he can do in snowy November so I made a dog sled race obstacle course. The only problem was that when the time came for the party it did not snow. Not only did it not snow but it was one of the most sunniest days in the fall. Well that did not stop the kids from the fun and games. I had 3 dads pull 2 kids each in a sled through an obstacle course. The dad’s were the dog’s and they had to wear noses and ears that I made. They had to go around some cardboard animals, get out of their sled and walk across ice patches. They were not aloud to walk on thin ice. At one point the dog broke his leg and the kids had to wrap toilet paper around his leg and pull the dad in the sled for a short stint. Then they had to go under a cave. The winning sled got sprayed with silly spray. Unfortunately for the dad’s the kids wanted to keep on playing over and over again.

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