Game Lemonade Stand

One way to add pizazz to your lemonade stand this summer is to make it into a  game booth too. You can play the,” Quarter Cup Pitch.” Fill empty lemonade cups with prizes and arrange in a crate or deep box wrapped in festive colors. Kids throw a quarter in a cup. If it lands in one they win the cup with all the prizes in it. You can also add strips of paper in some of them that say free lemonade. Another game idea is the Sucker Draw. Buy habiscus suckers from Oriental Trading ( any lollipops will work), and color the bottoms on some of them.  Fill the cup with the suckers. Kids pay money to play. If they get a colored stick they win a bigger prize. If they lose they still keep the sucker. In my experience the games bring in more money than the lemonade.

For the lemonade stand I wanted to do something original so I created these cute characters as decorations.



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