Christmas Character Stereotypes Game

To play this Christmas game, everybody votes for the person in the group that represents the stereotypes by raising their hands.

1. Frosty the Snowman: The person in the group who wears a sweater in July. Award Frosty a pack of hot cocoa or a hand warmer.

2. Elf: The person with the biggest ears. Tape their ears down

3. Rudolph: Leader of the pack. Give them antlers to wear throughout the rest of the game

4. Caroler: The caroler that sings on tune, the loudest or the worst. All the nominees have to individually sing a carol and then the group votes. To the best caroler award a cd of Christmas carols, to the worst caroler award a  fake certificate for a free voice lesson.

5. Mrs. Claus: The most grandmotherly. award knitting supplies

6. Jesus: The most religious: award a cross novelty

7. Scrooge: Melancholy one in the group: give him a bible.

8. Nutcracker: The most classical: Award Walnuts

9. Wisemen: a man or woman of wisdom. They claim a prize only after quoting a proverb



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