Upcycled Rose Glass Picture Wall Hanging Home Decorations. Anniversary Gift.

I upcycled this rose picture and added lots of embellishments. I hot glued a brass angel and sconce, flowers, a belt, ribbons, beads, hearts and much more. IMG_7917 (3)


Super Star Locker Party Teen Diva Wall Decor Printable/Card Design

I made this design with the intentions of printing it out and adding it to your locker to jazz it up this school year. It would also make a good birthday card, invitation or CD cover. Buy here https://gum.co/NoVLD:


Rock Star Locker Printable Party Teen Wall Decor School Diva

rock-star-girl-000-Page-1I made this design that was meant to be a locker printable. Just print, cut and add to your locker by tape or magnets.  Buy here  https://gum.co/NDOJ:

Peacock Pillow Upcycled

I made this peacock pillow for my mom’s birthday. I took a black skirt and sewed the sides to make the pillow. I also cut out multi-printed clothes to make the peacock head and body. I wanted the tail to hang so I sewed fabrics and ribbons at the top so it hangs securely. IMG_5432 (3)

Dog Locker Printable Chandelier


I made this cool design that can be used for many purposes. Just print it out and cut and hang on your locker as a chandelier. You can also use the design for a card, invitation or to tape to your notebook.

Buy Here: https://gum.co/PoQvV

Our own version of Candy Land

My kids and I made our own version of the candy land game. We made a path and had sticks of gum on the path and if you landed on it you got to keep it. We also had cookie Mountain and if you passed it you got a cookie and the winner won a hot air balloon full of candy.IMG_4604

Upcycled Sandals

I found these cute sandals but they didn’t come with heel straps so I added my own. I took a belt and tied it to the sandal strings. It works great and I get lots of compliments.IMG_4623

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