DYI Stuffed animal backpack

IMG_1330I made my  4 yr. old son a backpack by gluing a stuffed dog to it. He was so excited to show off his new backpack to the kids at the beach and the church nursery.


Upcycled Girls Shirts

I upcycled shirts from the thrift store and made these cute shirts for little girls. The first picture has a doll sewed on the outfit and has to be hand washed. The second shirt has a pouch to put their favorite stuffed animal. The 3rd. photo is a Halloween shirt I made. These are for sale now. If you are interested please contact me.

IMG_0260 IMG_0262 IMG_0280

Pocket Pal Shirt

Pocket Pal ShirtI made this shirt for my daughter. I made a pocket for her stuffed kitten to go inside. If you want me to make your daughter a shirt similar to this just let me know. It won’t look like this because this one is one of a kind. Just email me with your requests to acreativeplayhouse@yahoo.com

Valentine Paper Plate Tea Hats

Valentine Paper Plate Tea HatsMy friend Shaunda Stoltzfus made this adorable hat from a paper plate. She just added tulle and a red bow and red flowers. How cute. I just had to share it.  A must have for every little girl this Valentine’s Day.



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Easter egg in nest hairstyle

For Easter I made a hair bun look like a nest and added 3 plastic eggs in it.

Valentine’s Day Heart Hair Style

Boutique Hair Bow

Custom Boutique Hair Bow Funky Loopy Christmas GingerBread Man

Custom Boutique Hair Bow F…


$15.00 US

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