Monkey Back Pack Kid School Supplies Kit.

I made this monkey backpack by hot glueing a monkey to a back pack. I am selling it full of back to school supplies.


Our own version of Candy Land

My kids and I made our own version of the candy land game. We made a path and had sticks of gum on the path and if you landed on it you got to keep it. We also had cookie Mountain and if you passed it you got a cookie and the winner won a hot air balloon full of candy.IMG_4604

Locker Printable Diva Teen Wall Decor Notebook Journal Cover Party Fashion

2Diva-page-000-Page-1 locker printable 2

I made this design so that you could print it out and attach it to your locker. You can add a magnet to the back or tape it. You could hole punch the bottom and add ribbons or get your friends autographs on the design. You will have the coolest locker in school. Buy Here:

Printable Valentine Bracelets Kids Craft


I made these valentine paper bracelets. Print, cut, and write on them to personalize it and pass it out to classmates and friends for Valentine’s Day. Print out as many as you need. Tape around you wrist and wear as a cool bracelet. BUY HERE:



Upcycled Dragon Lunch Box.

IMG_0238 IMG_0244I upcycled a lunch box by cutting a stuffed dragon in half and gluing it to the lunch bag. This is for sale.

Cool DYI Stuffed Animal Back Packs

IMG_0225 FIMG_0229 F


IMG_0224 IMG_0223 IMG_0219For Back to School season this year I made altered back packs. I bought back packs and added plush animals and embellishments on them.

DYI Easter Egg Flower Teacher Gift Idea


My daughter made this craft for a gift for her teacher for Easter. She took a fake flower and added a plastic egg on top and included candy in the egg. This would also be a great proposal idea at Easter time if you just added a ring in the egg.


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