Candy Fair Mixed Media Art

I had fun painting with my daughter one rainy afternoon. I was inspired by one of her drawings of a fair with rides and had to give it my own spin. I used acrylic paint, scrapbook embellishments, pom poms, sequins, stickers and I even added  real candy.

Fair Mixed Media Painting

Fair Mixed Media Painting


Dancing With Fishies Invitation

I had fun making this under the sea themed art on my photo editing program. It would make a great party invitation. If your interested please let me know.

Circus Artist Trading Card

I have always wanted to make an artist trading card for my party business, "The Creative Playhouse", so here it finally is. I made the art on my photo editing program.

Fair Play House

I wanted to make my kids a fair playhouse for their little people. Open up the house by scrolling down my blog to see how I made it.

Fair Playhouse

I wanted to make my kids a fair for their little people so I created this fair paper playhouse. Since the creation of this 5yrs. ago, it has since become the brand for my party business, "The Creative Playhouse," I cut cardboard into the shape of a house and then attached them together. I hung ribbons from the top. Then on each side I made a play scene.

Fair Book Play Scenes

To play the kids take their little clown or circus people around to the different scenes in the book. They can stop at the food booth and order food, They can get a real ticket from the ticket booth, they can ride paper dogs (carousels),and pop balloons with darts and win real prizes.

Balloon Dart Game

I wanted to add a game to the playhouse so the kids could really pretend they were at the fair. For the balloon dart game I added pattern paper on the back. I put balloon stickers on the paper. I even added popped balloon remnants to make the game look like it has already been played. I then attached a carnival man I printed from a Family Fun magazine. I also copied the header/sign from the same article. I attached prizes from a yarn on the side with small paper clips. The kids can pretend they won and get to take down a prize.

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