Teddy Bear Picnic Photo Shoot Party

I did a Teddy Bear Picnic for my son. My daughter and I had fun decorating it. It was so much for fun for him.


Fashion Design Birthday Cake

 I have been planning themed parties for my kids ever since their first birthday so now that they are older they take the reins a lot. My daughter decorated her own cake for her fashion design 10th birthday party. We made a 2 layer round cake and she iced it. She put an Eiffel tower on top along with a New York City embellishment and candles. She put the cake on a cake table and decorated it. She put a tutu around the cake on the table and added some fashion themed decorations around it.

IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0005 IMG_0010

Wrestling Ring Gift Wrap Idea

IMG_0204    Since my nephew had a sports birthday party, I decided to wrap his gift like a wrestling ring. I wrapped a flat box in orange paper and put rubber bands on the outside of the box to look like a ring. Then I added plastic bowling pins on each corner and added two wrestling men on top. I wrote on the package, “This rounds for you Landon”,.

Christmas Tree Cupcake Stand

I made this cupcake tree. All you do is add your cupcakes to the tree tiers and display on a table at your Christmas party. I am selling this on Etsy.com. Search thriftartist@etsy.com to find this.  The bottom box is 25″ long and holds 25 cupcakes. I am selling it for $45.00.

cupcake tree stand

cupcake tree stand

Spare Tires, Race Car Party Food

I arranged chocolate donuts to look like spare tires for my son’s race car party. race car party food

Car Box

I turned this cardboard box into a car for my son’s race car party.  I used black paper plates for the wheels, yellow duct tape for the stripes and red spray paint. This would be great to make for a car movie night and the kids could sit in there boxes and watch the movie and eat popcorn.car box

Race Car Party Table Decorations

For my son’s race car party, this is how I decorated the snack table. I made a yield sign as a backdrop. I used a spare tire on the table. I displayed a photo of my son in his red mustang power wheels. I had a drink section labeled the refueling station. I had brown donuts labeled, spare tires, pretzels, labeled, dipsticks and trail mix, labeled nuts and bolts. I also had a stuffed race car man on the bench seat.RAce Car Party TAble

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