Cool Gift Certificate Art Craft Store Printable

I made this gift certificate that can be printed off. cp-gift-certificate-000-Page-1


Pig Easter Basket Girl

I made this little piggy Easter Basket and filled it with tons of gifts that any little girl will love. It comes with a plush pig, candy, doll, doll outfit, hair accessories and more. $15IMG_6448 (2)

Unicorn Princess Easter Basket Girls

I made this Unicorn Princess Easter Basket. It has everything any little girl will need to feel like a princess. It is brimming to the top in a big bucket with candy, a crown, easter hat, wand, wings and much more. $20.  IMG_6451 (2)

Valentine High Heel Shoe Woman’s Girls Gift Teen Gift Basket.

I took a high heel shoe and turned it into a Valentine. The shoe is filled with cosmetics, jewelry and much more.Perfect gift for any woman or teen girl. $15 Buy here: panel

Valentine Teddy Bear Girls Nursery Keepsake Baby Decoration Kid Gift.

My daughter and I take plush animals, cut out the bellies and decorate them. This is one sh e did for Valentine’s Day. All the embellishments are securely attached. You can buy it for $35.

Valentine Bear Nursery Decoration Girl Keepsake Gift.

I take teddy bears and cut out the bellies and decorate them. This is one that I made for Valentine’s Day.  All the embellishments and hat are securely attached. You don’t have to use it for just Valentine’s Day. Any little girl would love this to play with or as a keepsake in her bedroom. It is perfect for a nursery keepsake too. Buy this bear for $35


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